MS-R series

MS-R series adsorbers have a housing made of A4 stainless steel. With a filling capacity of 50kg desiccant, they absorb up to 20l water from the air. Thus, large storage tanks can be efficiently ventilated, even in offshore applications.

Use in accordance with ATEX product directive 2014/34/EU in zone II 2 G / D IIC T4 is also possible, as is use in accordance with corrosivity category C5-M. Two large openings allow the loaded silica gel to be quickly removed and replaced by fresh gel. In combination with a venting system and a supply air valve, the air flow into and out of a tank can be controlled in a targeted manner.

Due to the optimized design, these adsorbers can be maintained very quickly and at low cost. The wearing parts or the pure desiccant are quickly inserted and the protection of the plant to be ventilated is restored.

Structure and added value

1Optionally with valve:
Control of air flows into the tank

Refillable version ensures favorable operating costs

3Sight glasses:
Maintenance check through 3 sight glasses

4Robust housing:
Housing completely made of stainless steel. Use off shore and according to ATEX 2014/34/EU, Zone II 2 D/D IIC T4 possible

Efficient desiccant with harmless color indicator from orange to green

6Mobile usable:
Mobile on rollers for easy maintenance

Method of operation

Adsorber – supply air filtration

  • The level in the system decreases
  • Humid air is sucked in
  • Valves open at 15 mbar (version with valves)
  • Uniform flow
  • Air is dried up to 2%rH
  • Silicagel changes color
  • Air is filtered up to 2μm

Dry and clean supply air

Desorption – Separation oil particles

  • The level in the system increases
  • Air is squeezed out
  • Air escapes through separate vent valves
  • Activated carbon absorbs all oil particles
  • Dry, oil-free air regenerates silica gel partially

Low pressure build-up and control of exhaust air


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REACH Compliant
IP Protection Class IP66
RoHS Compliant
Corosivity Class C5
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Technical Data


This adsorber is available with and without an inlet valve. In the valve-free version, the sucked-in air flows into the adsorber almost without pressure and is distributed evenly over the cross-section. The valve version has a somewhat higher differential pressure and is used in combination with a venting system.
When the desiccant silica gel flows through, the water molecules are safely removed from the air. The gap volume of the granules is optimally selected with 2 to 5mm grains and guarantees a minimum pressure build-up with simultaneous very good drying efficiency. Thus, at the beginning of the drying process, a residual air humidity of max. 2 % rH and a dew point of -40 °C are achieved. Due to the water absorption, the silica gel in the standard changes color from orange to green. A complete green coloration indicates the end of the product life cycle.

MS-R adsorbers consist of a stainless steel A4 housing, silica gel orange and FKM seals. They are used for aeration of oils and lubricants, fuels, isocyanates, chemicals and solvents in large storage tanks.

Pressure ratio

Spare part kits

Sustainability starts with using product components for as long as their life cycle allows and replacing only those components that show signs of wear. With our spare parts kits for the refillable adsorber series, we ensure that you can replace each individual component of an adsorber as needed.

For example, the desiccant in our adsorbers becomes loaded during use, increasingly loses its ability to adsorb moisture and needs to be replaced, but the adsorber housing is particularly durable. Our refillable adsorbers can therefore be easily opened and the desiccant replaced. Seals, particle filters & activated carbon discs, on the other hand, can withstand a few replacement cycles, depending on the load. However, we recommend replacing them after 4-5 replacement cycles at the latest to ensure smooth operation of the adsorbers.

Our spare parts kits include seals, particle filters, activated carbon discs and other components that match the respective adsorber series. The matching desiccants for the adsorbers are available separately and in different size classes.

Adsorber Spare part kit
MS-R 35L ET MS-R 35